Amroy Caskets

AMROY Caskets was established on the West Rand in 2003. Due to the popularity and demand for Our exclusive products, We have recently expanded Our operations to the East Rand.

Centrally based in Benoni, easily accessible from the N12 Highway, Our recently setup showroom boasts our full range of coffins and caskets and various other funeral supplies. This showroom now enables undertakers & funeral directors easy accessibility, so that they can now give their Clients a broader choice of caskets without the hassle of storing these products in their showrooms.

Our exclusive caskets are strictly sold to registered undertakers and Our policy is not to sell directly to the public.
We have a wide range of exquisite imported domes and steel caskets. Our pricing is highly competitive and stock levels are always excellent.

We supply nationally and to Africa.

Why do you need a funeral coffin / casket / dome?

The funeral item choosen is the final resting place for the deceased. A body or cremation can be placed into this personal vessel and laid into the ground for generations of loved ones to be able to visit and remember. In most cemeteries, a body cannot be buried without a coffin / casket / dome.

Why should you plan your funeral product in advance?

Selecting a product is an immensely personal and important decision. Options for coffin / casket / dome include pine, metal, and fiberglass – with additional choices including color and finish. Whichever style You prefer, purchasing Your product now will ensure that Your family will never have to struggle with trying to guess what You would want, and saves money by locking in the price at today's cost.

How much does a coffin / casket / dome cost?

However, please keep in mind that the price of a coffin/ casket / dome can differ greatly from the location. The cost can also change based on the material used and other decorative options. Therefore, consult with Your funeral parlor or undertaker

Coffins / Caskets / Domes for Viewing

A funeral coffin /casket / dome is the decorative box used to display and bury a deceased loved one. After a service, it is lowered into the vault and covered with a tomb stone.